Mile2Ultra (an initiative of Alderson Gray)

2020, quite possibly the most challenging year in memory, collectively we pressed forward making the most of a difficult year. The extra time for contemplation can allow for focus and exploration of new directions, and with dedication we can prove what was once a vision can become reality with the right mindset.

So with a winning mindset, along with miles of passion, experience, and dedication Mile2Ultra was born with the intention to bring together runners and lovers of the outdoors who want to go the extra mile with a smile!

With a focus on the great outdoors, exploring new places, lots smiling faces, and certainly not all about races………but with 5 years of race organisation experience the seeds are planted, with distances from a Mile2Ultra!

Driven by performance with intention to ensure all have a strong mindset capable of individual achievements and smiles, while engaging an inclusive focus with no elitism, you don’t have to be the fastest or the best, Mile2Ultra is about people who have a passion and share their passion with others!

Mile2Ultra will provide performance coaching, advice, reviews, trips, merchandise, and more.

Be prepared to be on the start line, kick off your training with Mile2Ultra today!