Looking to take your career to the next level?

At Alderson Gray we consider character to be the most desired requisite above all, where friendliness, kindness, politeness, attention to detail, a sense of humour, and being courteous at all times, matter the most.

 We know only too well the journey to secure a job offer, the application, connecting with the recruiter, the interview process, and then possibly with no feedback, faith is lost, time is wasted, and it’s not a great experience, we do not do this, we work with you throughout the journey.

A typical candidate would be someone who loves what they do, who strives for more, who demonstrates vision.

If you match what the client is looking for then you can expect to a process which will include an initial conversation with recruitment process that starts and finishes with you kept in the loop, but it is a loop, it never ends. We are absolutely dedicated to long-term success without compromise through building trust with discretion.

If you don’t already then may we suggest you follow us on Linkedin to stay informed of new opportunities.

Refer a Candidate to us for a specific role and if that candidate is placed you will be rewarded!

GDPR we require specific permission that you are happy for us to retain on our database, allowing us to keep you informed, you do of course have the option to advise otherwise at any point.

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